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2023 APS Employee Census – TSRA

All TSRA staff have the opportunity to provide their views on a number of questions – including communication, leadership, and organisational performance – as part of the annual government APS Staff Census.

Consistent with the APS average, 80% of TSRA staff participated in the 2023 APS Staff Census.

The latest full highlights report is available here.

Key observations

  • 81% of employees are proud to work at TSRA and 71% are satisfied with their jobs – this finding is generally higher for TSRA staff than the average across the public service.

  • 84% of our employees like working here, and they believe strongly in the purpose of the TSRA, its goals, and objectives.

  • 73% of staff members feel that they are skilled and have the tools and support to do our jobs well.

  • 57% of staff feel that change and its impacts are communicated well and 37% feel that they are properly consulted about change.

  • 86% of employees understand how their role contributes to positive outcomes for the Australian public.

  • 78% of staff believe that their supervisor cares about their health and wellbeing but 47% feel that the TSRA supports their wellbeing.

  • 73% of employees report that they clearly understand their responsibilities and feel that they can use their expertise in their work.

  • 69% of staff members report that the organisation is inclusive and welcoming.

  • 68% of employees feel that overall, they are encouraged and their supervisors are invested in their future development.


Values and code of conduct

Most staff (69%) feel that the TSRA supports and actively promotes an inclusive workplace culture and 77% report that their supervisor actively ensures that everyone feels included and gets the respect they deserve at work.

16% of staff report that they have experienced discrimination at work and 15% have experienced bullying in the last 12 months for reasons including age and gender.

While figures are down significantly from last year’s Census, even one person experiencing discrimination and bullying is too much, so there is still work to be done by the TSRA.

As an agency we are also working to strengthen our policies and practices, particularly around fraud, corruption, and conflicts of interest, as part of a pro-integrity culture to ‘know and do the right thing’.

Our Action Plan outlines our focus areas for the future to:

  • Better manage and communicate change – including promoting how to manage our health and wellbeing to take care of ourselves and each other.
  • Put strong policies and tools in place to grow a positive, supportive and pro-integrity culture.
  • Consider workload and demands on staff – looking closely at what work needs to be done and the best way of doing it.
  • Ensure all vacancies are filled as quickly as possible with skilled people.
  • Offer all staff members high quality training, including for career development and progression.
  • Identify and manage underperformance more effectively.
  • Explore ways to acknowledge and recognise high performers.
  • Look at ways to be more flexible about when and where staff complete their work.

Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people are advised this website may contain names, images and recordings of people who have passed.