Business Growth Packages

The Regional Economic Investment Strategy recommends the TSRA focus its business assistance services on opportunities within three key industries.  These ‘focal’ industries have been identified as presenting the best prospects to assess potential projects for business assistance.  The three focal industries are:

  • Fishing
  • Cultural Arts and Creative Industries
  • Tourism

The fishing industry has been identified as the first priority industry, specifically support for value-added fishing activities.  The Fisheries Business Growth Package is a new product that has been designed specifically to support and grow commercially viable businesses owned and operated by Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people in the fishing industry in the Torres Strait.

The Fisheries Business Growth Package comprises a mix of financial (loan and grant funding), business and industry support services.

Support and funding will be tailored to the needs of successful applicants by: 

  • Providing business start-up grants on the basis that it will also assist businesses to access finance; and
  • Procuring business support and mentoring services to help businesses through their first year or two of operation.

Applications from start-up and existing businesses related to the fishing industry in the Torres Strait are invited to apply. This includes:

  • New business start-ups who have done a lot of ground-work and are looking for additional seed/start-up capital to start a business; and
  • Established fishing industry businesses that have identified an opportunity to expand and require finance and/or business support.

What Does a Fisheries Business Growth Package Look Like?

The Fisheries Business Growth Package is flexible and will be tailored to meet the needs of successful applicants. 

To be successful, an Applicant will need to meet all eligibility criteria, demonstrate that their business idea is (or has the potential to be) commercially-viable and provides value-add to the fishing industry in the Torres Strait Region. They will also need to demonstrate that they have the necessary skills to run the business.

The assessment of commercial viability may include recommendations for business support.

You will receive written notification from the TSRA about whether or not your Application is successful and feedback can be provided upon request.

This application round is specifically targeted at the fishing industry.

Applications opened on 4 July 2016.

Before submitting an application you should read the Fishing Business Growth Package guidelines and the Fishing Business Growth Package FAQ as these will provide you with further information to assist you.

Your Application should be submitted either:

  1. Electronically by logging into the online application form, or
  2. Emailing the application form to, or
  3. By printing the application form, completing it, and providing two unbound copies of your Application to:

Economic Development Programme
Torres Strait Regional Authority
PO Box 261
Thursday Island QLD 4875


All enquiries relating to the Application Kit, or questions about the application process, should be emailed to

If you do not have ready access to email, or are having difficulties completing or submitting the online forms, you may telephone the Economic Development Program in the TSRA for assistance on (07) 4069 0700.

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