Programs and Outputs

The TSRA's functions include administering programs to support individuals, councils and community organisations within the Torres Strait region in six key development areas. They are as follows:

Economic Development Program

The Programme's objectives are to:

  • Stimulate economic development across the region
  • Advance business skills and align training initiatives with regional employment opportunities
  • Advance Indigenous ownership and management of industries and enterprises.

Fisheries Program

Healthy Communities Program

Key initiatives:

  • Major Infrastructure Program
  • Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area Health Partnership

Safe Communities Program

Culture Art and Heritage Program

Key initiatives:

  • Gab Titui Cultural Centre
  • Indigenous Regional Arts Development Fund

Environmental Management Program

Key initiatives:

  • Land Program
  • Coastal and Climate Program
  • Sea Program
  • People Program
  • Ranger Program

 Governance and Leadership Program

Key initiatives:

  • Board Support
  • Community Engagement
  • Regional Communications
  • Integrated Service Delivery
  • Leadership Capacity Building
  • Media and Public Affairs
  • Scholarships
  • PBC Support
  • TSRA Annual Report
  • TSRA Development Plan

Native Title Office


  • Native Title representation in land and sea claims
  • Assistance with land management issues

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